Page to Frame Episode 2 – Vampire Academy

In this episode of Page to Frame I talked to my good friend, Raven Smith, about Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy, and the film, directed by Mark Waters.  Raven is a law student and a certified Trashy YA Romance enthusiast.

Vampire Academy is a forerunner of the modern YA Fantasy Romance novel, and it was a tough story for me to get through.  Now you can listen to me stumble through summarizing this story while Rave corrects me with her expertise.  We go into further detail about why we feel the way we feel about this book, and what aspects of the movie worked, but mostly what didn’t.

Apparently, we refer to “Aiden” from Sex and the City as “Adrien” halfway through the episode because we got confused.  My bad, Sex and the City Fans!

The song used in the intro and outro is “Free Fall” by Bio Unit

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