Page to Frame Episode 1 – The Outsiders

In the debut episode of Page to Frame, I talk to my friend, writer/director Kelly Maher about S.E. Hinton’s The Outsider’s, and its film adaptation directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

The audio in this episode is fuzzy because we had to record from my laptop, but that will be rectified in all future episodes!

Kelly shares her thoughts on the themes of the story, the success of the cast and crew of the film, and how both versions of The Outsiders have influenced her as a person and as a creator.

Kelly’s short film, The Red Thread, will be screening at Worldfest Houston.  The film festival will be running from April 20th – April 29th.

Toward the end of the podcast we talk about one particular shot from the film, here it is:

Outsiders Shot.png

It was a blast talking about such an influential book and film!

Kelly’s website can be found here.

The song used in the intro and outro is “Free Fall” by Bio Unit, taken from the Free Music Archive.

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