From Page to Frame

This site is dedicated to exploring literature, films, and all methods of storytelling.

The way that stories can transcend mediums in order to spread to new audiences has always fascinated me.  The passing down of myths and legends from generation to generation has kept heroes, traditions, and ideas alive for thousands of years.  Now we’re seeing stories being adapted into new mediums right in front of us all the time. So I’ve created this site to analyze the concept of adaptation.

The main focus is to discuss the adaptation process of turning books into movies.  Every month I’ll be sharing a podcast where a guest and I discuss a book, a movie based on the book, and the journey involved in the adaptation.  We’ll also be branching out to other mediums as well, including musical theater, video games, and even board games. I’ll also be providing a mix of literary and film critique through articles on the site.  And I’d love any feedback and input from you as well!

Thank you for reading!  See you soon!

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